Power Hydraulik


Oil-immersed units
Oil-immersed units from POWER-HYDRAULIK are used wherever a compact, low-cost hydraulic unit is required. These units are constructed on a modular basis which means that various electric motors, pumps, and containers can be combined to suit customer preferences. Optionally, all units can be equipped with modular control blocks with which various standard functions such as directional control and load-holding functions can be implemented. These can be extended when required to suit customer-specific functions. The modular design facilitates the building of an individual, i.e., customer-specific, oil-immersed unit with outstanding properties to be constructed

Performance standards that carry conviction.

> Pressure ranges up to max. 250 bar
> Volumetric flow rates of up to max. 30 l/min
> Powerful motors with up to 5.5.kW
> Individually usable with modular design
> Ultra-strong pump housing
> Reduced input noise with oil-immersed design
> Compact installation space
> Large heat dissipation surface area
> Turnkey in electrical and hydraulic respects (i.e., 'plug & play' condition)

AC 3-phase units
Small units from POWER-HYDRAULIK deliver convincingly high standards of production quality. They comprise tank, pump, motor, and a control block, all manufactured on CNC machines. With an adaptable modular system of this kind, it is possible to construct small units to suit individual requirements.

Technical data:
Displacement volume: 0.3 - 8.2 cm³/U
Motor power: 0.55 - 2.5 kW
Motor voltage: 230/400 V - 50 Hz ; 1 - 220 V
Tank size: 4 - 12 liters
Pressure range: up to 250 bar

AC motor pump units
The motor-pump unit from POWER-HYDRAULIK is used wherever a separate tank or hydraulic system is provided. With its versatile range of basic versions, it can be used in many ways, e.g. as a lifting and tensioning device, or as a cooling and lubricating device.

Technical data:
Displacement volume: 0.3 - 8.2 cm³/U
Motor power: 0.25 - 0.55 kW
Motor voltage: 230/400 V - 50 Hz ; 1 - 220 V
Pressure range: up to 210 bar

DC units
These DC units are used wherever electrical power can only be supplied from a battery. A permanent DC motor and an appropriate pump-tank-valve combination form a very quiet and compact unit. This versatile construction enables these units to be used in a diverse range of applications.

Technical data:
Displacement volume: 0.3 - 3.3 cm³/U
Motor power: 1.2 - 2.0 kW
Motor voltage: 12 V ; 24 V ; 48 V ; 80 V
Tank size: 1 - 10 liters
Pressure range: up to 250 bar

Your benefits if you decide in favor of our units:

> POWER-HYDRAULIK is strong in the field of special-purpose units (in conjunction with a
 >control block) and this is one of its core competences
> Durable and rugged build (steel tank, pump made of cast iron)
> With a modular design, we can cater at any time for individual
> customer wishes
> Units can be integrated in complete systems
> Short delivery lead times for standard units
> Technical consultancy support and personal on-site support for customers delivered by
> skilled field service staff and dealerships
> In-house multi-functional test rig for inspection purposes
> Experienced, motivated specialists in Production and Sales who receive continuous
> vocational training ('lifetime learning')